MyPerk is an employee perks & rewards platform.

When you join, your employees get access to perks like discounted travel, gym memberships, food, clothing and more!

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Top Talent

61% of job seekers will accept lower pay if the perks are good. When everything costs less your pay goes further.


& Reward Them

Perks at Google lead to a 37% increase in sales. People that feel appreciated will always deliver more than expected.


Them Happy

The easiest way to reduce turnover and retain top talent is to create a culture they can't imagine leaving.

Employee salaries go further with up to 70% off these products & services.

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Why Do Perks Matter?

They matter because there is only one true catalyst for happiness in the workplace.


An employee that feels appreciated will always deliver more than expected because it inspires not only emotional commitment, but discretionary effort.

Giving your employees access to meaningful perks that can help them improve their health & well-being, save money where it counts or relax & recharge after a long week isn't something that's expected or required.

It is, however, a gesture that shows them you appreciate them. That you genuinely care about their happiness.

And that matters, because happy and engaged employees work with you, not for you. They make insightful decisions, delight their customers and drive amazing results.

No system, tool or methodology comes close to employee perks in terms of value added, especially if you want to compete with industry titans to attract and retain top-talent, drive bottom line and cultivate a workplace culture that future employees want to join and current employees are proud to be a part of.

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